Cyclotech is planning an 80-kg electric demonstrator for test flights later this year using its unique “Cyclogyro” propulsion system

Austrian company Cyclotech is planning to begin flight-testing an 80-kg (176-lb) demonstrator of its unique electric VTOL airframe, which uses Voith-Schneider propellers instead of rotors for exceptional agility and control in the air. The prop design, which looks a bit like it belongs on the back of an 1850s paddle steamer, was patented nearly 100 [...]

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Boeing’s Loyal Wingman Completes First Taxi

The Boeing Loyal Wingman aircraft being developed with the Royal Australian Air Force (RAAF) recently moved under its own power for the first time, a key milestone for the aircraft that’s expected to make its first flight this year. “Air Force partners with industry to ensure we can find innovative solutions to meet our future [...]

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Army Tests Versatile Unmanned Aircraft at Yuma Proving Ground

The United States military has used unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for decades, and increasingly counts on them to perform dangerous missions that save Soldiers’ lives. Among these flying wonders is the Aerosonde, a catapult-launched and net recovered aircraft used primarily for surveillance and reconnaissance. Capable of 15 hours of flight time, the Aerosonde is highly [...]

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The US government grounded DJI – These Five Drones Are Approved

DJI may be synonymous with “drone,” but after the US Armed Forces, the Pentagon, and the Department of the Interior started banning and grounding Chinese models over spying fears, it created a vacuum in the market for a drone the United States government could trust. But the US Department of Defense may already be filling [...]

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Silicon Valley Chapter’s Own UAVOS Presented A Concept ‘Sumo’ UAM Vehicle!

UAVOS has presented its air taxi SumoAir as an autonomous concept for vertical e-mobility. The all-electric, tandem rotor helicopter concept consists of a five-seater passenger including the pilot cabin that can be attached to either a car or a flight module. The helicopter will be operated both manually and autonomously. The project is a [...]

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“Holy Grail” Metallic Hydrogen Is Going to Change Everything The substance has the potential to revolutionize everything from space travel to the energy grid

The substance has the potential to revolutionize everything from space travel to the energy grid Two Harvard scientists have succeeded in creating an entirely new substance long believed to be the “holy grail” of physics — metallic hydrogen, a material of unparalleled power that could one day propel humans into deep space. The [...]

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Chapter Spotlight – Congrats To Zipline on 50k Deliveries!

Zipline delivers critical and lifesaving products precisely where and when they are needed, safely and reliably, every day, across multiple countries. We've made 50,067  commercial deliveries — and counting.

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Stinger Prepping Kawasaki’s SPICE AUV

Japanese industrial giant Kawasaki Heavy Industries has contracted the Norwegian underwater drone specialist Stinger, to help it test its prototype AUV (Autonomous Underwater Vehicle). Stinger said last weekend that it would provide Kawasaki with services related to planning and preparing site testing of an AUV equipped with a robot arm for performing subsea pipeline inspections. [...]

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